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Terms and Conditions


This section consist the summary of key points that you should know, as a customer or vendor, while conducting business on HAIRR Malaysia.

Terms of Payment

We only accept online payment, credit/debit card (Visa and Mastercard).

Other form of payments outside from this platform is not encouraged, and we will not be taking responsibilities for any problem or any sort of scams outside from this platform (HAIRR Malaysia).

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of bookings by customers are NOT ALLOWED on this website for a better ecosystem and environment of our vendors.

We will not take any responsibilities and do not have any authorization for cancellations/refunds.

(Note: For cancellations/refunds with strong and valid reasons, please discuss with the respective involving barbershops.)

Booking Fees

HAIRR Malaysia will charge 20% on the customers as a booking fee to improve our service as service providers in general.

All prices that are listed by our vendors are inclusive of the booking fee, and is different with the price you (as customer) will get by walk-ins.


Payout & Payments For Vendors

Sales and income for vendor will be transferred to their bank accounts daily latest by 9.30pm (Malaysian Time), excluding the booking fees set by HAIRR Malaysia.

Price Listing

Price that should be set up by vendors must be inclusive of the booking fees set by HAIRR Malaysia.

For example: Haircut price as per store = Rm20

Price to list on HAIRR Malaysia = Rm23 (Including 20% booking fee charged by HAIRR         Malaysia) Amount of payment for vendors by HAIRR Malaysia = Rm20